If you are experiencing struggles and seeking support, you are not alone.

Trauma, conflict, and emotional and mental suffering do not discriminate. Any one of us can experience periods full of difficulties – some more than others, but every person has personal knowledge of suffering in their lives.

Therapy is not easy and there is no quick fix, but I am here to work with you, hear and understand you, and support your self-discovery process. I want to learn about your story, path and beliefs, and together with you identify areas where you have strengths and areas where you need to explore and try new ways of being.

I am a compassionate, authentic and inclusive psychotherapist.  My life journey has carried me through hardships and many challenging periods. I have experienced dictatorship, armed conflict, trauma, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, great relationships and separation from not so great ones, immigration, and career changes. I also engaged in personal therapy and, having experienced deep healing and change, I decided to become a psychotherapist and assist people who, just like myself, are striving to improve their life experience and make the best of it.

My training is in Gestalt Psychotherapy which is a presence-based, here-and-now, holistic and experiential psycho-therapeutic approach with influences from Gestalt psychology, existential philosophy, science, psychiatry and body focused approaches. The term gestalt means “whole”, “completion”, and conveys the idea of many parts “making a whole”. Through the Gestalt approach,  my clients start experimenting with new ways of being in the safety of the therapeutic space, freeing blocks and completing past interruptions; and gradually move toward integrating forgotten aspects of self; recover lost potential, achieve self-support, rediscover authenticity and spontaneity, and feel more alive. If you are interested, learn more about Gestalt modalities.

My therapeutic style is also informed by my life experience, personal therapy,  and continuing professional development which includes Art Therapy; Gestalt Counselling; Gestalt  Couples Therapy; Dialectical Behaviour Therapy; group workshops/therapy; working with addictions; somatic interventions; Narrative Therapy; Dreamwork; and Contemporary Shamanic Studies.

I approach each session knowing that you, my client, and I are unique individuals who will co-create the therapeutic relationship. I strive to create an open, respectful, safe and supportive therapeutic space where you’ll feel welcome to share your struggles and move forward through your own life cycles and changes. I will also encourage your reflections and feedback after sessions, to make sure that our work together is beneficial to you.

Over the past seven years, I worked with clients from diverse walks of life and I was humbled by their determination and hard work of revealing themselves and their life challenges while seeking transformation. I am in awe of our diversity and uniqueness as human beings, and how we all create our lives, walking different paths. I believe we all have the power to change what no longer works in our live, and release those parts of our history that are interfering with our ability to enjoy the present.

From my personal experience, I know that it takes courage to start therapy and make a commitment to one’s personal development, healing and growth. I also know that therapy is a rewarding experience.

I work from an anti-oppressive, culturally sensitive and trauma-informed framework and meet each client where they are at. No matter your origin, cultural or spiritual belief, sexual orientation, social status, education, or whether you are Canadian-born, indigenous or a recent immigrant, if my services offer you what you need at this time, I welcome you.

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